Barcelona features an open design, flexible display options, clean layouts and a modern style.

For this design example, we use the Google web font "Montserrat" for the navigation bar and text for informational pages. Text size for the info pages is 14 px and the navigation bar links are set to 13px with upper case display. The line height is set to 1.8. The images on the home page are set into a full-screen slide show - the logo uses Montserrat at 23px and a font weight of 500.

Barcelona includes an option to initially display galleries in either thumbnail for full-size image display. This example uses the thumbnail option - clicking on the thumbnails brings up full-size images in a scrolling sequence. All of the galleries here include optional introductory text . With SiteWelder's text editor, it's easy to enter stylized text and images into the intro area. As with all SiteWelder designs, galleries can be optionally displayed in dynamic slide-show format.

The Panoramas and Faces galleries are set up to use SiteWelder's selling option. "Purchase Info" buttons show up with each image - clicking on the buttons bring up a window with the individualzed purchase options you set up for each item. If no specific pricing information is used for an item, a contact information form for the image will appear. The Panoramas gallery is set up with pricing information and integration with PayPal. The Faces gallery doesn't have prices entered - when clicking on the "Purchase Info" buttons there, a window will appear with a built-in form to allow your viewer to inquire directly about the image.